How to Decide Between Hiring an Architect or a Designer?

If you want to redo your home from top to bottom, do you hire an architect or an interior designer? Though it is not common knowledge, designers have training in architecture and architects have training in design. However, there are some skills that may necessitate hiring one professional over the other.

The Job of An Architect

To hire the right person for the job, you must understand their roles. First, an architect designs various types of buildings, not just homes. They draw up plans for your design by using a computer-aided model. When a construction firm takes over, they supervise the job. They use form, function, and safety to accommodate the needs of the owner. They design with both beauty and functionality in mind. This professional has logical thinking, strong mathematical skills, and they can ensure that a sound and stable structure is built. These professionals are unique-minded individuals. They can keep angles, lines, and numbers in their mind. This allows them to create possibilities that most could only dream of.

The Job of An Interior Designer

Interior designers are thought to have a single skill set that allows them to make things beautiful. However, that assumption is incorrect. An interior designer is professionally trained to plan spaces for hotels, offices, hospitals, and homes. After accessing the client’s needs, they can create drawings that are both functional and aesthetic for any space. Their design may use fabric, paint, or furnishings, but it may also be a more intensive remodel that must adhere to safety and building codes.

The Difference Between An Architect And A Designer

Now that you understand the job responsibilities of each business professional, you are probably wondering what the differences are. Both of these people seem to have the skills that are geared toward building and making a beautiful space. They have skills that allow them to appeal to the aesthetics as well as the safety of a space. However, there are a few big differences. Architects work with a built environment, focusing on the interior and exterior spaces. They look at the spatial relationship and how a building is laid out.

An interior designer works with a space that is already built. They use their skills to add aesthetic value to the property. Some designers will help with exterior color choice and details like new windows and doors. Thus, their responsibility lies within the building. An architect can help with some interior design aspects, but their responsibility lies on the exterior part.

An architect and interior designer have a relationship of sorts. They can cohabitate for the good of the client. So, when it comes down to it, you may need to hire both.

Choosing Who To Hire

Architects and interior designers rely on one another to get the job done. They both have skills that are intrinsic to creating the proper design. When deciding who to hire, you must look at the scenario. If you already have a structure and need help design the interior, then you would look to an interior designer. However, if you are building a home from scratch and need help with the structure and possibly inside of the home too, then you will need to hire an architect.

Though this examines a pretty cut and dry case, what about a remodeling job that requires structural changes? In these instances, you would hire the architect to draw up the plans and the interior designer to ensure the new structure is aesthetically pleasing. Some would say that an interior designer would be all that is needed on a remodel, but hiring both professionals gives you the best of both worlds.

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