Top Tips to Improving the Design of a Room

Whether you like a minimal design or a dramatic style, there are several decorating rules to follow to make your space look appealing. By following a few key tips, you can transform your interior setting and allow it to look professionally designed. When you’re ready to decorate, there are a few decorating tips to follow to make any room better.

Avoid a Theme

Many people are drawn towards themes in different rooms of the home, whether it’s a lighthouse style or a log cabin theme. Instead of sticking to a specific theme, you can create more individuality and uniqueness in the room with decor items that are related to the theme instead of being a direct reflection of it. Instead of using pillows or artwork that have lighthouses, create a coastal theme that includes sailboat paintings on the walls or driftwood to put on display on a shelf.

Choose the Paint Color Last

One of the most common mistakes that is made when decorating is choosing the paint color first before decorating a room. It’ll be easier to choose a paint color that matches your upholstery and the colors of your furniture by selecting the color shade after everything is moved into your home.

Hang Art Pieces at the Right Height

Hang your photographs and art pieces at eye level, which is 57 inches to 60 inches high from the ground. The size of the photo should also relate to human scale to ensure that it’s not too large or small for the space.

Arrange Furniture Correctly on Rugs

Rugs are effective at dressing up bare floors but can go hidden or look awkward if it’s not used correctly with the other furniture pieces in the room. The area rug should be large enough where you can place all of the legs of your furniture pieces on top of it. There should also be 12 to 18 inches of floor surface available around the rug to prevent it from overpowering the area. For smaller rooms, avoid putting the legs of the furniture on the rug but place it close to the item. Putting the front legs of each furniture piece will tie everything together and will look visually appealing.

Add a Focal Point

Draw the eyes towards a specific area of the room by adding a focal point to anchor the setting. Other items that are on display should take a secondary role to ensure that the room isn’t overwhelming. Consider making a large chandelier the centerpiece of the space in the kitchen or an upholstered headboard in the master bedroom.

Being bold with the focal point that you use will add extra personality to the space and will allow it to make more of an impression on your guests.

Move Furniture Away From the Walls

Moving furniture several inches away from the walls will create the illusion of more space that is available. The room will also have more depth and dimension, which can allow it to look larger in size. The furniture should also be facing each other, which will allow everything to flow when it’s grouped together.

Avoid Using Too Many Items in a Collection

Whether you want to put black and white photos on display or a grouping of mirrors on the wall, you’ll need to edit the collection when decorating. A collection of items will have more of an impact if there aren’t a dozen items used. There will be more balance with the collection if you decide which items will make more of a statement and others that aren’t necessary.

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